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Sirik, Iran
Weinmannia trichosperma
  1. Corbin, Kentucky
  2. Bob Barrett (baseball)
  3. Anderson, California
  4. Ko Rang, Ko Chang
  5. Zombie Chronicles
  6. Neighbours (1966 film)
  7. River of the Golden Ibis
  8. Ocella
  9. Amongst the Pigeons
  10. SS Balmes
  11. Pleitas
  12. Williamsburg, Colorado
  13. Qasabeh, South Khorasan
  14. OpenURL
  15. BYU Ballroom Dance Company

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Built by Kevan from a LiveJournal meme for The Surrealist, 11th December 2007.
The album name, artist name and album tracks are just random article titles from Wikipedia.
Album cover art above is taken from the CC-licenced "Roman Graffiti" by caterina.