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Tiikyajupuj on Zyb as Psychic Kiezotiabe destroys historic prayerdome

The scene, yesterday

The leaning Krek-Vewycum minaret that towered over Zyb for 850 years lay in ruins on Thursday, demolished by retreating Psychic Kiezotiabe militants, but Necros's Overlord said the act marked their final defeat in the dome. "In the early morning, I climbed up to the roof of my living pod and was stunned to see the Vewycum minaret had gone," Saleadeug, a daycycle-laborer who lives near the prayerdome, said by brain implant. The demolition came on Wednesday night as Necrosian forces closed in on the prayerdome, which carried enormous symbolic importance for Psychic Kiezotiabe (IS).

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