Torch Torch

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my game lost if I browse elsewhere?

No, your game is automatically saved in a cookie every time you take an action, so if you close the browser or click on an external link, your game won't be lost - you can continue where you left off by returning to (or following the link that was posted to LiveJournal, it won't restart the dungeon if you were already in it).

Can I save my game and come back later?

Not specifically, but you can just browse elsewhere and come back, as above. Your cookie will expire after a couple of days.

Are people's dungeons the same every time?

Yes. The combat rolls will be different each game, but so long as your friends and interests remain unchanged, your dungeon will have the same layout, monsters, treasure (including that carried by monsters) and magic-item effects for everyone who visits it.

Why is my dungeon so disappointing?

The dungeon is generated from the friends and interests you list in your LiveJournal profile - a smaller friend list means a smaller dungeon, and a small (or non-existent) list of interests makes for less interesting scenery.

I've changed my profile - why hasn't my dungeon changed?

Profiles are cached for 24 hours before being refetched, to be kind to the LiveJournal API - you'll have to wait until tomorrow for your dungeon to reflect any changes you've made to your friends or interests.

Have you got something a bit more... science-fiction?

Why yes, there's now a LiveJournal Space Adventure, working under the same principles.

I haven't got a LiveJournal, can I still get a dungeon?

Not at the moment, no. If you're using a blogging or forum platform that has the same sort of friends/interests data as LiveJournal and a friendly API, then email us at dungeon @ this domain and maybe we can sort something out.

The LiveJournal Dungeon Adventure was created by Kevan
as part of the Surrealist Collection, on the 24th of June 2006.